Details of the DTA serial programming lead and rolling road Potbox.
Serial lead for programming the DTA EXP48 ECU from a laptop.
Potbox is for use on a rolling road for quicker entering of multiple results.

Serial programming Cable
DTA end.

PC End.


15 Pin HD male. 9 Pin D female.

Pin No. Pin No. Function
1 (CD) 1 (CD) Carrier Detect ?
2 (RD) 2 (RD) Receive Data
3 (TX) 3 (TX) Transmit Data
4 (DTR) 4 (DTR) Data Terminal Ready
5 (GND) 5 (GND) System Ground


Pot box with Serial pass through connector

DTA end Pass through. Pot box
15 Pin HD male

15 Pin HD female

Pin No. Pin No.

Small box with 2 off 4.7K linear pots &  3 off normally closed pushbutton switches fitted in it.

1 (CD) 1 (CD)
2 (RD) 2 (RD)
3 (TX) 3 (TX)
4 (DTR) 4 (DTR)
5 (GND) 5 (GND)
6 n/c "Advance" pot centre terminal.
7 n/c "Fuel" pot centre terminal.
8 n/c Switch and pot ACW terminal common. ( Note *1)
9 n/c "Stop" switch.
10 n/c "Enter" switch.
11 n/c "Knobs" switch.
12 n/c Pot CW terminal common.  (Note *2)
13 n/c
14 n/c
15 n/c
Note *1 One side of all of the switches and the anti clockwise terminals of the 2 pots is connected to pin 8
Note *2 Clockwise terminal of the 2 pots is connected to pin 12
The normal warnings apply, use this information at your own risk, it is not supported by DTA in any way.
Many thanks to the original provider of these details who of course wishes to remain anonymous and my friend Chris Bass from Accumax for doing the Schematics for me.


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